Workshops for Artists


October 21st + 22nd, 10am-4pm

How do we make art in this tumultuous political moment?

Can we use art to manifest our desires for a better society?

How can political theater be powerful without being didactic?


Applied Mechanics’ radical collaborative process centers on responsiveness and collective vision. It prizes active listening, empathetic cooperation, and the passionate capacity to imagine other, better worlds. It empowers participants to create spaces and performance pieces that reflect their values. Explore how to create evocative imaginative worlds that challenge the status quo without descending into mere messaging or simple slogans.  Learn how to transform your critical analysis into artistically potent action.

Whether you have taken our workshops before, or whether you are approaching this work for the first time, this introductory to intermediate course will help you investigate how to manifest your desires for a better society through art. This workshop will consist of two five-hour days.  Snacks will be provided.  Space is limited.