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All of us.

The 650+ of you who attended our show: you are bandits. 
And we want to say thank you. 
Applied Mechanics worked on WE ARE BANDITS for over a year. 
A year of research, stories, experiences, and discoveries. 

A year of learning new music and instruments.
A year of channelling our inner Kathleen Hanna’s, writing dozens of punk songs.

A year of fundraising.
A year of working with fourteen artists who we’ve never collaborated with before. 
A year of creating eight very different contemporary feminists, and bringing eight historical feminist figures to life. Their voices, among many others, echoed through this work. 

Your support, through this whole process, made all the difference. 
And your presence in July made it all worth it.
Thank you, from the bottom of our bandit hearts.

Applied Mechanics