2015 FRINGE:

Sshh! Don’t tell anyone.

A secret fringe piece is coming your way.  During the September festival, undercover members of the resistance will be haunting street corners and hanging out just to the left of show venues, looking to sell you top secrets, home-made snacks, and illicit art.  Keep an eye out for suspicious looking cigarette girls and conspicuous spies.




UntitledProtestIncubatorTHIS FALL:

Applied Mechanics has an Incubator residency at the University of the Arts!

Applied Mechanics will work with UArts students to experiment with immersive depictions of multiple coexistent time periods.  Volatile historical narratives overlap and feed each other as a host of characters from different eras labor to shape their lives and make sense of their moment.  Drawing on existing stories from the past and imagined events of the future, in this workshop, we’ll experiment with tracing the mutation of stories over time and interrogating the politics of who gets to craft them.






parties-communitydinnerCOMMUNITY DINNER


Christ Church Neighborhood House

7:30 pm