Applied Mechanics Needs YOU.


New Hire:  Applied Mechanics Administrator

Part-time: 5-10 hours a week, largely flexible, $5000/year

Applied Mechanics seeks an organized, communicative, and responsible administrator, who is interested in alternative organizational models and participating in group decision-making processes.

Applied Mechanics is a theater collective that makes experimental live art work and cultivates experimental organizational models. This position is part-time and will involve working closely with core ensemble members on the administration of the company and the ongoing process of reaching greater institutional sustainability.  Part company management and part general management, this position provides an excellent opportunity for a self-motivated individual, interested in alternative business models, to define a new kind of job while collaborating with energetic, innovative artists.

Applied Mechanics has a very democratic way of working, so once hired you will be integrated into an organism.  We will teach you how we work and work with you to create and maintain ideal and personalized collaborative working methods.  You will help us think about how to keep innovating.

Once hired, Administrator will work with company to determine an ideal title for the job.

Administrator will work closely with core company members to complete tasks and fulfill responsibilities. Some of these things Administrator will be solely responsible for; others will happen in collaboration with core company members.

Tasks and responsibilities include:

*press relations, marketing management
*assist with financial management, including budgets, taxes, fiscal sponsorship, and bookkeeping
*assist with researching funding sources and cultivating donors
*communicating with producers and presenters
*setting deadlines and holding company members accountable for work
*hands-on management presence during production process

Expectations include:

*attend monthly company meetings and weekly office hours
*take weekly meetings with artistic director and monthly meetings with committees
*set own schedule for completing other tasks

 Start Date: January 2015

Interested applicants should send a resume and a cover letter that addresses your interest in working with Applied Mechanics to